Episode #2×07: Exceptional


  • Birthday wishes for the birthday girl get real sappy real quick.
  • We breeze through campaign updates in a new round of the Election Minute because there’s only so much Ted Cruz a podcast (or a country) can handle.
  • If it looks like an asshole and talks like an asshole, it’s probably Sony. #FreeKesha gains some much-needed momentum as the embattled singer struggles to ditch a binding contract with her alleged rapist.
  • Apple takes on the FBI in an epic David and Goliath showdown over privacy and business rights. A very special Photoshop challenge is issued. 
  • Sea levels are rising faster than previously believed, but the real challenge is convincing people that’s even true. Hashtag SCIENCE, BITCH. 
  • More tragic gun violence to really put the shine on your day! Innocent bystanders in Kalamazoo, Michigan paid the price this week for our rampant obsession with guns. 
  • New Words: brought to you by the letter “A” for Andrew. Or anus. We prove we’re down with the kids by guessing what all these new hip words mean. Shit is on fleek. Or something.
  • Surprise, bitch! exposes one listener’s chronic meth addiction.
  • And it wouldn’t be a complete episode if we didn’t close it out with more embarrassment.
In this week’s installment of After Dark:
  • TRIGGER WARNING. We discuss the struggle of quarter-life crises and how common it is to still not have any fucking clue at 28.
  • What if your career sucks? (It does.) What if you just want to travel forever? (You do.)
  • It all turns very weird and personal, and we’re too lazy to edit it out. Enjoy.

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