Episode #2×08: Super White


  • We’re back this week with a SUPER packed election episode. 
  • But first, Chris Rock took on the Academy for #OscarsSoWhite. Leo finally won an Oscar though, so… #progress?
  • The #Millennial Confessional brings some exciting news, as well as questions about striking a work/life balance. 
  • The shocking results from Super Tuesday states reveal  PR team telling us that the only person shocked by results is Marco Rubio, who is currently experiencing software difficulties and needs a reboot. BRB. 
  • This just in: Trump is no longer a joke. Stop laughing. No. Really… Stop. 
  • Chris Christie and the Republican Party Schism. 
  • No Context requires us to make Super Tuesday connections to songs about work and funerals. What? 
  • Hidden from the Headlines takes us to the Matrix. Soon, you too can learn how to deepthroat by absorbing the brain waves of a seasoned porn star. 

In this week’s installment of After Dark (which is available to $2+ Patrons this week): 

  • Will it ever be “cool” to act presidential again, or are we doomed to a century of racist sociopaths with bad combovers and multiple bankruptcies? 
  • Move over ISIL, Emoji terrorism has come to America. 
  • The hosts prove they can’t even effectively hit on hotties on social media.

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