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#Millennial podcast is a weekly roundtable about our Generation Y experience. From news to politics and pop culture, a panel of friends digs in on why these stories matter and how they affect millennials. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to maneuver student loan debt, voting, relationships, careers, or just life in general, we feel that SO. HARD. And we’re here to share our stories, along with our greatest challenges and wins, along the way. Put simply, #Millennial is about journeying through young adulthood together.

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About the Team

A photo of Andrew, Laura, and Pam giving a thumbs up in the #Millennial studio.

Andrew Sims (Host, Producer) began podcasting when he founded MuggleCast in 2005. Andrew offers Patreon and Podcast consulting, as well as podcast editing out of his home in Chicago. Outside of work Andrew obsesses over Potter, Springsteen, dogs, and nature.

Laura Tee (Host, Producer) was bitten by the podcasting bug in 2006 when she first joined MuggleCast. Podcasting stuck with her through living abroad in Costa Rica (pura vida, mae) and graduate school in New York City. Outside of #Millennial, Laura loves linguistics, story-based gaming, and analyzing current affairs. She lives in Atlanta with her boyfriend and adorable dog, Canela.

Pamela Gocobachi (Host, Producer) is a Bay Area native and an entertainment journalist with a deep love for all things pop culture. When she’s not writing or podcasting you can often find her obsessing over new music finds, drinking coffee like it’s her job, or doting over her dog Jasper.

Jule Gamache (Social Media Manager) has been managing social media in one form or another since 2011. In addition to #Millennial, she also runs the social media for MuggleCast and spends her 9-to-5 as a marketing manager in Los Angeles. She’s a huge fan of all things Disney, Harry Potter, superheroes, and theme parks. Be it adventure, fantasy, horror, or crime, you can usually find her obsessed with the most recent content she consumed.

Episode #6×25: Andrew Moving, Universities Plot Re-Opening, TV Shows Pull Controversial Episodes


The holiday weekend brought excitement to our lives with Hamilton on Disney+, but Andrew’s got an even bigger life event hitting the airwaves this week!

  • Apparently quarantine makes every day feel like the 4th of July to some – why all the fireworks??
  • Walmart is (for once) doing a public service and converting 160 of its parking lots into drive-in movie theaters.
  • Universities have begun announcing their plans for returning to campus this fall, and we’re already predicting hot spots on campus.
  • This week in Trump associates who have tested positive: Herman Cain, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and multiple officials, oh my!
  • Two thumbs way down to airlines already planning to fill planes completely.
  • Young people in Alabama are throwing COVID parties, and offering payouts to infected individuals.
  • Florida continues making new records with its daily cases count.
  • SCOTUS has ruled that states can punish Electoral College voters who don’t vote in line with their state’s popular vote in federal elections.
  • We got an insider scoop into the White House’s requests for Trump’s July 3rd Nazi Party rally/Frat kegger event.
  • Why Mt. Rushmore’s ugly history inspires so much backlash from protesters.
  • Some of your favorite TV shows are pulling controversial episodes containing blackface, and we have a conversation about intent vs impact.
  • Listener feedback asks… how would we want a teacher to handle a fellow student being racist, and how to handle an unexpected pregnancy?
  • This week’s recommendations are good for your brain and your mental health: Ron Chernow’s Hamilton biography (Laura), ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ on Netflix (Pam), and taking a deep sigh a few times a day (Andrew).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by listeners like you. Thank you to our latest Patrons Tanja, Art, VP, Joe, Lauren, Sam, and Emilee!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Some required reading to prime yourself for this discussion.
  • JK Rowling is proving so desperate for allies, she has mischaracterized her long-time approach towards our old boss. How do we know? We were there when she was pissed at him.
  • Speaking of, we have plenty of stories about how terrible it was to work for him. From withholding pay to taking credit for projects completed by unpaid staff, we’ve. got. the. tea.
  • What was it like on the Potter convention circuit? (Mostly) wholesome fun, but we were party animals.

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Episode #6×24: King v Rowling, Meteorology in the Age of Climate Change, Misinformation Crackdowns

JK Rowling is at it again, and this is just getting embarrassing. 🤦‍♀️ Meanwhile, Jenna Marbles is seemingly self-aware and has decided to remove herself from Youtube. We really don’t like this timeline.

  • With at least 14 states pausing or halting their re-opening plans in light of skyrocketing Covid-19 numbers, we examine our own quarantine adherence 4 months into the pandemic in the United States.
  • Meanwhile, people across the nation (including Vice President Pence) think masking requirements are a first amendment violation. Um…
  • Dear Leader continues to have a bad time: SCOTUS struck down Louisiana’s anti-abortion law, the New York Times broke a story about a suspected Russian plot to pay the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers, his approval ratings continue to drag, and Facebook and Twitter are looking to crack down on misinformation.
  • Google That Shit makes a triumphant return, and this week’s theme is Gen Z vs Millennials.
  • We welcome BAE supporter Scott to the panel! Scott is a meteorologist, and has some science-based wisdom to share about climate change, weather alerts, and the infamous sharpie incident.
  • Will we be able to survive on Earth 100 years from now? What will be different? (Don’t worry, Scott has some news that will help you sleep somewhat comfortably.)
  • To learn more about climate change and weather patterns in general, Scott recommends checking out Highlights from the Fourth National Climate Assessment (2018) by the US Global Change Research Program and Climate.gov.
  • This week’s recommendations run the gamut: My Panera+ Coffee Subscription for free coffee all summer (Andrew), Glossier’s Futuredew (Laura), ‘Younger’ on Hulu (Pam), and Costco’s premade margarita mix (Scott).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Rothy’s (https://www.rothys.com/mill), Issuu (https://www.issuu.info/mill to sign up FREE), and listeners like you (https://www.patreon.com/millennial). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • We pepper Scott with more questions about climate change, meteorology, and California wildfires #behindthepaywall.
  • Is the world ready for the massive infrastructure changes we’ll need to make to cope with climate change?
  • In a change of pace, we dig into the trend of shorter TV seasons we’re seeing on Netflix in particular. What are the pros and cons to shorter TV seasons?
  • Why is Netflix putting such a high volume of new content up all the time? Andrew has a theory.

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Episode #6×23: Allyship and Call-Out Culture, ‘Love, Victor,’ Statewide Face Mask Requirements

Pam and Marc are back this week, and it’s a good thing, because we have a lot of ground to cover. Welcome to the mid-season finale of 2020, where news ranges from Disney bleeping Hamilton to Trumpster Fire 2020.

  • Apple’s WWDC introduces some features to help deal with your annoying friends when they blow up group messages, and Apple Watch will soon be providing a countdown when it detects hand washing happening.
  • Laura and Marc are playing Last of Us 2 and ignoring the haters. Let’s kill some zombies!
  • Andrew delights himself by purchasing new music beds for our show segments.
  • While California is requiring everyone to wear masks in public spaces, several southern states are seeing the consequences of re-opening too soon.
  • This week in Trumpster Fire 2020: Americans can turn off political ads on Facebook and Instagram (thank god), Scumbag John Bolton is not a patriot, SCOTUS decisions, and Trump’s “very sad” rally taken down by Gen Z and Kpop stans. You love to see it.
  • Marc provides his insights on call-out culture and having meaningful dialogues with potential allies surrounding discussions of #BlackLivesMatter and police brutality.
  • When and how is it productive to call someone out, and what is the end goal in doing so?
  • This week’s recommendations are all art, baby! Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’ (Pam and Andrew), Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown (Laura), and the upcoming Spiderman 2: Miles Morales for PS5 (Marc).
  • Stay tuned in past the end music for a couple of bloopers!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by listeners like you. Support the show for as little as $2 per month, and gain instant access to loads of bonus content. We’re so thankful for your support!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • It’s time to Surprise Bitch! listener Drew, who clues us in about how the dog walking business is faring under COVID-19.
  • Inspired by our Facebook group, we come clean about the common knowledge we’ve only recently discovered.
  • It turns out we’re really dumb when it comes to car knowledge.
  • “Whores de-vors.”

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Episode #6×22: Gen Z’ers Roast Millennials, Forever Changed By Quarantine, Work Crushes

The Tik Tok Gods and Goddesses have decided it’s time to roast millennials. Let’s see how many generational stereotypes we can fulfill this episode!

  • We welcome Marc back to the show, and he plugs a very important conversation we’ll be having next week about call-out culture.
  • We gush about the Playstation 5 announcement, but wonder how much money we’ll be forking over to Sony this fall.
  • We examine current polling in the Biden v. Trump Presidential race, and while the numbers look promising, let’s not get too confident.
  • On Friday, the Trump administration revoked transgender and abortion healthcare protections, and on Monday the Supreme Court ruled that you can’t fire someone for being LGBT. Whiplash much?
  • Inspired by this Vox article, we ask ourselves which quarantine routines do we think we’ll stick to once this is over?
  • This week’s confessionals ask… is it okay to have a work crush when you’re in a monogamous relationship? And what to do if you have a crush on your straight best friend?
  • Our BAE supporters want to know… how we see the future of podcasting, what long-term quarantine projects we have (and haven’t) completed, and how working from home has adjusted our home layout needs.
  • This week’s recommendations are quarantine friendly! Vegan walnut taco meat (Laura), Joe Hill’s ‘Locke and Key’ (Marc), and ‘Dating Around’ season 2 (Andrew).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Issuu (https://www.issuu.info/MILL to sign up for FREE today) and Talkspace (https://www.talkspace.com and enter promo code MILL to get $100 off your first month). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Laura and Marc share the latest in their home repair drama after a major leak drove them out of their home for months.
  • According to Pew, the oldest millennials are turning 39 this year. As we pass the torch of being the cool, young, hip generation over to Gen Z, how prepared are we for middle age?
  • As Laura considers donating her eggs to pay off student loans, Andrew and Marc discover that they’ve been wasting a perfectly good money-making opportunity their entire lives.

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Episode #6×21: Why JKR’s Tweets Were Transphobic and Dangerous, Feel-Good Protests, Dating During COVID

Dr. Sarah Steelman, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, who specializes in LGBTQ+ affirmative practices. She joins us at the top of the show to discuss J.K. Rowling’s latest tweets and why they are dangerous and damaging to trans people. Check out her professional page here.

  • Sarah discusses with us the importance of affirmative language, why J.K. Rowling’s opinions are rooted in pseudoscience, and whether or not she can redeem herself.
  • Following up on last week’s discussion about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and nationwide protests, we’ve got some tangible progress to point to for those naysaying the need for protests.
  • For more perspective on the hundreds of years of systemic racism that brought us where we are today, we recommend watching this video by Kimberly Latrice Jones.
  • In this week’s Confessional, a listener writes that they feel guilt about not wanting to cut off their racist family, and we respond.
  • K-pop stans took their protest digital, and flooded hateful Twitter trends like #whitelivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter with pictures, memes, and fancams of their favorite groups in an effort to drown out the hate – and they succeeded.
  • When the Dallas Police Department asked people to send in photos and videos of protestors participating in “illegal activities” to their app, K-pop stans flooded them with submissions, ultimately causing the app to crash.
  • To inject some much-needed love during these troubled times, we discuss love in the time of corona.
  • Listeners in new relationships around or after the start of the pandemic submit their stories, and we bask in the excitement of their new love.
  • This week’s recommendations are sure to help broaden some perspectives: Fulton Street Books and Coffee (Laura), HBO’s ‘We’re Here’ docuseries (Andrew), and Netflix’s ‘The Half of It’ (Pam).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by StoryWorth (https://www.storyworth.com/mill for $10 off your first purchase and the perfect gift for Dad!) and RayCon (https://www.buyraycon.com/mill for 15% off Raycon wireless earbuds). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • How are we moving forward as Harry Potter fans in light of J.K. Rowling’s harmful rhetoric towards our trans family?
  • What changes do we plan on making to our consumption of new Wizarding World content?
  • Shifting towards a mentality of supporting fan-created merchandise over official merchandise.
  • We discuss how the fandom continues to hold its space, and make sure that space is welcoming for all.

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Episode #6×20: How to Fight White Supremacy, Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Chromatica

We thought the world had already hit rock bottom when we took a week off. We’re back to give our take on the current state of affairs related to protests around the country demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other victims. DISCLAIMER: We endeavored to approach this week’s discussion as allies, and do not claim to have all the answers. For rounded coverage from our black brothers and sisters, we recommend Code Switch, The Breakfast Club, Jamele Hill is Unbothered, ‘Black Trauma And Showing Up At Work‘, and ‘Okay, white people, here’s what you can do now.’

  • Andrew discovers quarantine birthdays suck, Lady Gaga drops ‘Chromatica,’ and John Krasinski can go to hell.
  • Pam gives her review of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, and her take on whether this is a compelling addition to the Hunger Games universe.
  • This week in Corona: U.S. deaths have surpassed 100,000, and we’re disgusted by the lack of national mourning.
  • Theme parks won’t let that stop them, though – Disney and Universal are set to re-open with strict social distancing and masking guidelines.
  • We react to the horrific murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and give our take on the protests happening across the country.
  • While the media selectively portrays the protests as violent, they seem to be missing the point: there are tanks in our streets, tear gas and rubber bullets flying. How the fuck did anyone think that would have a positive outcome?
  • Resource: Ethel’s Club is providing free grieving and healing sessions to black folks around the world, led by licensed black therapists.
  • #Millennial’s recommendations to fight white supremacy:
  •  We see you, we stand with you, we’re here for you. #BlackLivesMatter
  • This week’s show recommendations: AMC’s Quiz (Andrew), Netflix’s Dead to Me (Laura), and ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge (Pam). 

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • JK Rowling showing some TERF-dom… again…
  • How does this impact our love of the Harry Potter series?
  • We confront some of our own implicit biases. After taking this implicit bias test on race, we share our results, what they mean, and how we can get better.

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Episode #6×19: Percy Jackson and Hamilton head to Disney+, President Hydro, Quarantine Bingo

This week’s episode is dedicated to Charlie the cat – #ForCharlie! ❤️

  • In their latest move toward world domination, Disney+ will be bringing us a Percy Jackson TV series and… *drumroll* 🎶Alexander Hamilton🎶
  • Listener feedback has us discussing when we’ll be comfortable going back to the movies, and how to deal with a job that is financially comfortable, but mentally draining.
  • President Hydroxychloroquine is peddling a new Obama conspiracy theory and thinks he lives in an episode of Star Trek.
  • Faux meat sales are up 264% since the pandemic began, and Laura has an unsettling Beyond Meat story.
  • The Quarantine Game – how many of these 25 quarantine experiences apply to you?
  • A surprise debate takes the panel by storm: is it gross not to shower daily?
  • To get a Peloton, or not to get a Peloton? (But really, who tf can afford a Peloton?)
  • Twitter is taking steps to let users know when tweets contain disputed or misleading COVID-19 information. These rules allegedly apply to world leaders, but do we believe Trump will be held accountable?
  • Instagram is also making some changes, but they’re hoping to help you fight the haters: they’ll be making it possible to delete comments and block specific accounts from commenting in bulk.
  • In honor of the start of summer, we’ve got some relaxing recommendations: ABC summer game shows (Andrew), Pitch season 1 on Hulu (Pam), and using this time to reconnect with long-lost friends (Laura).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Talkspace (https://www.talkspace.com and enter code MILL for $100 off your first month). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • We took the 16Personalities quiz and got some interesting results. One of our panel is an introvert, and the other two are extroverts. Who do you think got these results?
  • We’re all turbulent, and we dig into what that means for each of us, and how we all experience imposter syndrome.
  • Which celebrities share our personality types? Some of the results are intimidating and… odd.
  • We also determine which Harry Potter characters’ personalities match our own!

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Episode #6×18: Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Doc, Adele Weight Loss Reaction, Do You Know The Hosts?

In the time of COVID-19, life keeps happening. #Millennial is here to make sure you’ve got our take on the latest!

  • Andrew’s 80-year-old grandmother is getting her first smartphone, Michelle Obama gave us all the feels in Netflix’s “Becoming,” and what we think of stupid people who refuse to wear masks.
  • Listener feedback gives us a perspective on what the new normal for open office layouts may be, and a confession about a listener dreaming of being in a thruple with Andrew and Pat.
  • Adele made headlines when she posted a full-body picture on Instagram, which made it very clear she has lost weight. The internet is divided over whether to celebrate Adele’s “hot new bod” or to re-think the way we acknowledge body transformations.
  • We get personal and share stories of people commenting on our bodies, and the longterm impact of those comments.
  • While Laura is free to go bowling and get her nails did (she isn’t), looks like Andrew will be sheltering in place for a while longer due to Illinois not lifting its stay-at-home order.
  • Georgia continues to be the shame of the nation: why the murder of Ahmaud Arbery is just not getting attention, and why we’re not convinced a grand jury will deliver justice.
  • We welcome BAE Supporter, Tiara to the show! She uses her background in cybersecurity to educate us about how to keep our banking information safe, and she tests her #Millennial knowledge with a new quiz.
  • One of the hosts has sex toys, two of the hosts have none. Guess who!
  • This week’s recommendations will give you some stay-home motivation: Taking advantage of quarantine meal kits provided by local restaurants (Andrew), Electric spin scrub brushes for all your grout-cleaning needs (Laura), Target drive-up service (Pam), and Hulu’s “Nashville” (Tiara).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Many of us are getting it up during quarantine, which has caused an erection of sex toy sales.
  • Laura gives an update on her latest home water damage saga. Her takeaways: asbestos is a bitch, don’t back down on liable parties, and she and Marc won’t be able to move home for quite a while.
  • Tiara prompts an interesting discussion by asking how it feels to move back in with your parents.
  • Moving back in with parents in early twenties vs early thirties – GAME CHANGER!

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Episode #6×17: Shocking COVID-19 Projections, Movie Theaters Revolt, Having To Break Quarantine

On this week’s #Millennial, Micah is back, Nicholas Cage is “back,” and a new Twilight book is coming out. What year is it?!

  • At the top of the show, we address the latest in Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Joe Biden.
  • What do we make of Reade’s allegations, and has Joe Biden handled this well? (Spoiler: No.)
  • The latest projections for for COVID-19 infections and deaths finally freak Andrew out, and our entire panel is slated to stay home through the summer.
  • Why is the U.S. a COVID-19 hotspot? Because we’re a hot mess. Period.
  • Since Laura has been forced to break quarantine due to her home disaster, we share some listener stories about the circumstances outside our control that force our hands on quarantine.
  • The soon-to-be bankrupt AMC is fighting with Universal Studios over… trolls? Really? Now?
  • How could move theaters have better prepared for the very clear direction at-home streaming is taking us culturally?
  • This week’s recommendations are some binge-worthy shows and a fun social distancing game: Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert’s nightly monologues (Andrew), Good Omens (Laura), Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Pam), and “Psych!” by Ellen Degeneres.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Raycon (go to https://www.buyraycon.com/mill for 15% off your order). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • How did we get hereeeeee? It’s an Imprint reunion to celebrate the announcement that Stephenie Meyer is FINALLY releasing Midnight Sun!
  • Former Imprint host Andrea joins us, so the gang is back together again!
  • We reminisce about our favorite fandom memories, and what it meant to have another book series to dive into post-Harry Potter.
  • Can you enjoy a book and still criticize it? Of course!
  • We all commit to reading Midnight Sun within 24 hours of its release and (potentially) a Twilight movie commentary?

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Episode #6×16: Crank Calling The Governor, The Stupidest Things Presidents Ever Said, Weird Dreams During COVID-19

This week’s episode really shows our age, but we’re here with our thrown-out backs and quarantine drama to cover the latest, so buckle up!

  • Andrew threw out his back last week and was a total embarrassment during his first visit to the chiropractor.
  • We think it’s really nice that Kim Jong Un has decided Trump’s crazy is enough for the world right now (but really he prob dead).
  • Laura calls the Georgia Governor’s Mansion and requests a tour to celebrate the end of shelter in place.
  • Donald Trump makes his stupidest comments yet during the coronavirus pandemic. If an autocrat injects Clorox into his lungs and Dr. Fauci isn’t there to stop him, does anyone really care?
  • GAME: Andrew quizzes us about some of the stupidest things U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents have said.
  • If you’ve been having weird dreams lately, the ‘rona may be to blame according to a UC Berkeley neuroscience professor.
  • Laura reveals some of her weirdest sleep talk moments, while Pam goes all Groot in her anxiety dreams.
  • BAE Choice: How to handle loud upstairs neighbors with children during the pandemic?
  • This week’s recommendations are big on the catharsis we all need: Disect, season 6 – Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ (Pam), Elderflower Liqueur (Laura), turning turnips on Andrew’s Animal Crossing island (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • The downside of homeownership: maintenance and neighbors.
  • Laura recounts what happened to her home, where she’s staying now, and what the next steps are.
  • But is the Hillary standee okay???
  • So. many. reasons. to. have. adequate. insurance (for homeowners and renters!). Don’t skimp – it’ll be a lifesaver when your neighbor’s water heater leaks all over your shit.

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