Episode #2×06: What Constitution?

Welcome back, sycophants, and enjoy this week’s dose of gluten-free headlines.
  • Associate Producer’s Choice wants to know in what ways is the U.S. worse off because of Obama, or in spite of him.
  • THE 8TH HARRY POTTER BOOK GUYS!!! IT’S HAPPENING!!! Except not because it’s a fucking script adapted by someone not named J.K. Rowling. 
  • But fine, we’re still excited. 
  • The elephant in the room comes out. In fact, we dress it up and give it a name: Antonin Scalia.
  • How will Scalia’s death impact upcoming Supreme Court decisions, the election, and Mitch McConnell’s credibility? 
  • Trick question. Mitch McConnell has no credibility.
  • Devil’s Advocate asks us to argue against better sense and judgment by putting ourselves in the shoes of our beloved Senate Majority Leader.
  • Surprise, bitch! takes us to Nebraska, where Lily speaks on behalf of the whitest state in the union.
And this week on After Dark:
  • In this special installment, we bring on three Patrons who add their own opinions to our conversation about the generational divide. Thank you to Brittany, Jeremy, and Linnea for joining us!

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