Episode #2×05: Better Halves

Valentines Images 79

  • Episode 5 starts by revealing episode 4’s secrets, ideas for Valentine’s Day, and thoughts on the Super Bowl non-controversy controversy.
  • News kicks off with questioning… the news. What makes New Hampshire’s primary important? Is it worth the media circus? Why is it so God damned white?
  • We sum up Twitter’s new changes in 140 characters or less: dumb.
  • Thanks to the Supreme Court, we can’t have nice things. Like cleaner energy. Or climate change policy. Or the fucking rule of law.
  • Hidden from the Headlines throws some much-deserved shade at President Obama, the fallen king of (certain) civil liberties.
  • Valentine’s Day Special: the hosts bring on their boyfriends for The Newlywed Game, wherein we learn some strange things about each other and our taste in men.
  • No, we don’t know why we agreed to this.
  • We close with a musical tribute to Led Zeppelin, hammer of the Gods, once and future angels of heaven.
  • We’ve all been having some bizarre dreams lately– what’re our weirdest experiences, and what, if anything, do dreams tell us about our psyche? 
  • Producer’s Choice asks us for our thoughts on learning second languages. One guess who among us takes this topic to task.
  • No, but actually, can you guess? It’s shocking. Really.
  • Laura. 

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