Episode #9: America 2016


Our 9th installment of #Millennial is here. Thank you to all the Greek life aficionados for proving Laura and Andrew wrong about fraternities by hazing us to death on social media. (That’s called a “joke.” Holy shit.)

This week:

– Andrew podcasts live from New Orleans, which smells even worse than the morning after a Harry Potter conference. And let us tell you. The stench of spiked pumpkin juice and cosplay sex isn’t something we joke about.

– Listener feedback reveals an array of opinions on politically correct terminology, but pretty much only one opinion on last episode’s Greek life discussion: we fucking suck. (Guys, we already knew that.)

– In this week’s news: Ted Cruz is the reason why Canadians apologize so much.

France just announced some pretty cool environmental policies. Meanwhile, famous tea-maker Nestle is perpetrating one of the most corrupt business schemes in history.

– But that’s okay, because scientists just confirmed there’s water on Jupiter’s moons. Some alien microbe will come wipe us all out anyway.

– The Confessional reveals that at least one of our listeners is a deep, wise sage. We don’t deserve you, anonymous Sensei.

– Laura had to miss recording in order to get drunk with her grandmother, so we play The Laura Game! Who knows Laura the best?

And in this week’s After Dark:

– We play “Would You Rather?” and the whole thing gets out of hand after just one question.

– In honor of our new segment “The Confessional,” we each share one confession of their own. You’ll want to stick around for this. Matt shares something we thought he’d never tell another living soul.

– We cover the Rolling Stone fiasco from a couple months ago, now that officials have stated their report has no evidence with which to back it up.

– Please mail Laura your helmets.

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