Episode #8: St. Patrick’s Gay


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today’s the perfect day to listen to the show while drinking! On this week’s episode…

– Andrew doesn’t care about St. Patrick’s Day, but Laura is ready to get plastered.

– A listener compares us to The Daily Show, but we warn everyone we can never live up to Jon Stewart’s brilliance (sorry).

– News: The Iran letter sent by 47 Republicans, a Ferguson protester shoots at the police but claims he didn’t mean to, Racist frat boys, and Robert Durst.

– Andrew and Matt are obsessed with The Jinx, the show that blew the lid off of Robert Durst’s murders.

– Question of the Week: What politically correct term annoys you the most? We discuss several interesting listener contributions.

– We introduce our first installment of the #Millennial Confessional. Our first confession is pretty dark, while the second may be total nonsense. Be truthful, y’all!

– This week’s raffle winner asks us to bring back an old segment. “Drunk or Kid” it is!

And this week, on After Dark:

– Moviegoing is falling fast amongst 18 – 49 year olds. Why is this and will the trend continue?

– Did two judges on X Factor New Zealand go too far?

– Ted Cruz makes ridiculous statements on campaign contributions.

– Andrew raves about the Mario Party franchise, and Laura tries (and fails) to quiz us on some random topics.

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  1. Is it possible to get this podcast available in podcast republic? It’s where I listen to most of my podcast including all of hypables. Makes it a whole lot easier if you don’t own an iphone.

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