Episode #7: Freedom of Choice Blah Blah Blah


Your weekly dose of #Millennial is here! On this episode:

– We announce a new segment: The Confessional. This is your chance to share your darkest or funniest confessions with us, and have us discuss them on the show. Check out the link on the sidebar to drop us your first one! We’ll only laugh a little bit.

– A new Justice Department report reveals systemic racism is rampant within the Ferguson, MO police department. In related news: the sky is blue.

– Hillary Clinton is in trouble for using her personal email account to conduct official Secretary of State business. WHY, HILL-DAWG?

– Ahmed Al-Jumaili, an innocent immigrant to Texas, was murdered this week. We cover it since no one else fuckin will.

– Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says being gay is obviously a choice, since inmates in prison “elect” to turn gay whenever they have butt sex to get off.

– Just let that last one sink in for a moment.

– The Apple watch was just announced! For $10,000 and a life of crippling and inescapable debt, you too can be pseudo-douchey cool for 30 days!

– Listener feedback reveals Walmart still sucks.

– Surprise, Bitch! features a hilarious listener from Singapore who tells it like it is.

– WTF News is hosted by our very own Micah for the final time. In happier news, we learn a lot about his sexual preferences. Even if against his will.

– And then there were four. We say goodbye to Micah with a moving send-off put together by Matt.

And in this week’s edition of After Dark:

– Andrew has a new Netflix recommendation. Laura backs him up, so it’s probably legit.

– We question our friends’… grooming preferences. And shares a Rated R story about Matt.

– Don’t worry, Andrew brings the mood right back down with a depressing story out of his old California town.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #7: Freedom of Choice Blah Blah Blah”

  1. We’ll miss you Micah! Also, in regards to the whole Ferguson discussion, one of the most poignant things I have been told about the situation is that white privilege is that we get to be disgusted by this activity, and not terrified.

  2. Haha! I love Ning…is that her name? She was brilliant.

    Just discovered this podcast from the new mugglecast episode. Loving it so far. I hope this is as successful as Smart Mouths.

    I came as a surprise to me that racism was that bad in Ferguson. Unbelievable. And Apple Watch – well….I rather just get an iPad.

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