Episode #10: In My Study

We’ve reached Episode 10! Wow, it’s like we’re getting serious about this show. On this week’s installment…

– The ladies are back, and they’re seeing Jon Stewart next week. We’ll let you know who kills who to become Jon’s bride.

– This week’s Patreon raffle winner is Nikolas Menz! He asks us to discuss all these high-school aged instagraming whippersnappers. We oblige him.

– Trevor Noah is the new Daily Show host! The girls will also fight to the death to bang him.
– Reuters confirms that Americans prefer fiction to reality. Are we surprised?

– We discuss last week’s Germanwings tragedy, and allegations that the co-pilot’s depression drove him to commit this heinous act.

– One of us shares the time she almost (but not really) died on a flight leaving Dallas. Andrew takes off his headphones for this part.

– Could a technology be invented to take over an airliner if a pilot goes rogue?

– One of the first definitive ideological splits happens on #Millennial: Mandatory voting. Ultimately, we agree Election Day is a good excuse to get your civics and your drink on.

– “Let’s boycott Indiana!” says every person with even an ounce of humanity.

– The #Millennial confessional brings us a topic that is far too common in the US: school shootings.

– We introduce a new (limited time only!) segment dedicated to Ted Cruz. Spoiler alert: We don’t anticipate any longevity for this segment or his campaign.

– A famous #Millennial fan hashes it out with Ted Cruz. Follow him on Twitter: @galileo1kennial.

– Question of the Week brings out the conspiracy theorist in all of us. Matt likes these theories!

– “Surprise bitch!” brings a surprise to the hosts via numerical error.

– And this week, on After Dark: Jay Z’s new streaming service to help starving artists such as Beyoncé and Madonna, Glee, Larry King’s Twitter, and more!

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