Episode #7×31: ‘Disney Adults’ Attacked, Does ‘The Prince’ Cross a Line?, Afghanistan Withdrawal

  • Basic bitches rejoice: Dunkin has announced pumpkin spice season is beginning on 8/18 this year.
  • Andrew notes that Disney adults seem to be taking a lot of hate because they… like things?
  • Britney Spears’ dad has officially stepped down as her conservator!
  • HBO Max’s new animated series ‘The Prince’ is receiving criticism for its portrayal of the children of Britain’s royal family. Should kids be exempt from satire?
  • With 92% of LGBTQ+ adults having received at least one COVID-19 shot, Andrew wonders if gay bars are the safest places?
  • Laura has a recent gay bar experience to corroborate the safety of these spaces!
  • California has announced that all public school faculty and staff must be vaccinated or submit to regular COVID testing.
  • The U.S. is officially withdrawing from Afghanistan, but we’re doing it ass backwards. We break down the first big failing of the Biden administration.
  • This week’s recommendations are a mixture of practical and entertainment: packing cubes (Pam), metal straws with silicon tips (Laura), and ‘The People VS OJ Simpson: American Crime Story’ (Andrew).
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by OUAI (https://www.theouai.com and use promo code MILL for 15% off), Talkspace (https://www.talkspace.com and enter code MILL for $100 off your first month), and Public (download the Public app and use code MILLENNIAL). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s episode of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Laura’s gotta vent about an annoying personal situation that has been building up for YEARS!
  • The latest viral trend of eating frozen honey may actually cause illness and tooth damage, prompting us to reflect on viral trends we’ve taken part in over the years.
  • There is a clear difference between participating in something harmless and something potentially deadly. BE SMART!

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