Episode #7×30: Happy Hour Bans, How Advertisers Track You, Using ASMR to Manage Anxiety

  • A 4-decade ban on Happy Hours in Massachusetts may soon be coming to an end — We didn’t even know that some states didn’t have Happy Hours! But are they as exciting as they used to be?
  • Olympic wrap up: America, F*** Yeah. Andrew just learned about the Olympic Sport of Racewalking, which looks like a faster version of power walking. Pam has also had her eye on Baseball and Rock Climbing.
  • Quick updates: The Eviction Moratorium and Student Loan Relief programs have been extended, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is stepping down in disgrace.
  • #Millennial listener and Patreon supporter Ashley joins the show to discuss how the world of advertiser targeting works. We learn how advertisers follow you around the internet, and the extremely creepy ways they keep tabs on you in your everyday life. She also shares how you can protect yourself from all this tracking.
  • Ashley is also a firm believer in using ASMR to manage anxiety, so she explains why it’s effective and her favorite videos to use. She recommends ASMR MagicCaroline ASMRASMR Bakery, Certified Mood ASMRJames Matthew ASMRNourishing Noble ASMR, and Fairy Char ASMR
  • Pam shares thoughts on Suicide Squad, and we Olds gossip about who will become the new host of Jeopardy.
  • Recommendations: Andrew re-recommends the Chirp Wheel after a fresh wave of reviews come in from his family; Pam recommends Farmgirl Flowers, and Ashley recommends the compostable Pela phone cases
  • #Millennial listener Natalie has a coupon for listeners interested in her Custom Funko Pop! Vinyls: Visit her Etsy store and use code MILLENNIAL for 10% off!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Thirdlove. Get 20% off your first order by going to Thirdlove.com/millennial.
  • This week on After Dark, available on Patreon: The Karen Olympics, Part 2. We share some of the latest frustrating stories from our local online community groups, once again proving that the Karens of the world are an ongoing problem that will never go away.

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