Episode #7×19: Becoming A Successful Author, The CDC’s Maybe-Too-Soon Mask Updates

  • This week we’re joined by Andrew and Pam’s friend Karen, who has successfully become a full-time freelance editor and author through the wonders of the internet.
  • Does the “Karen” meme annoy a real life, extremely-kind Karen?
  • The CDC has announced that masks are no longer required in most indoor situations, setting off all kinds of reactions. Are the updated guidelines coming too soon, or are people simply uncomfortable with change?
  • Instead of an immediate switch, why didn’t the CDC set a date in the near future instead? Andrew has one theory.
  • Disney waves goodbye to the traditional 90-day theatrical window, but will continue to embrace extra fees for most of 2021.
  • Have we hit our streaming subscription limit?
  • Pam has some big personal news, and shares how Andrew was on edge about it in the last week.
  • How does one make it big on gig economy sites like Fiverr and Upwork? Karen shares her very successful experience and her tips on how to have similar luck.
  • We discuss the importance of knowing what your time and skills are worth, what happens when you Just Ask™️ for more money, and #Millennial listener Evan writes in to share the biggest challenges for authors and other online creators right now.
  • Check out Karen’s Casey Quinn Mystery Series as well as Evan’s two books, Deathless and Starless, at EvanSSullivan.com.
  • Recommendations: HBO Max’s new series Hacks (Andrew), the online organization tool Trello (Pam), and the apocalyptic novel Dustborn by Erin Bowman (Karen).
  • In After Dark this week, available on Patreon, we discuss shitty workplaces environments through recent headlines coming out of The Ellen Show and the productivity company Basecamp. The latter recently banned discussing all forms of political and societal issues amongst co-workers.
  • Andrew reveals an embarrassing story related to watching The Ellen Show as a child.
  • So, what daytime talk show is actually good right now? The panel agrees on one particular show.

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