Episode #6×34: America’s Dick, Teeth Grinding Surges, The Oscars’ New Diversity Guidelines

“So, you accidentally leaked your nudes online.” Even Captain America goofs up on the internet sometimes, so don’t feel bad about the last drunk text you sent your ex.

  • Welcome back, Micah!
  • Along with the coronavirus pandemic has come a pandemic of cracked teeth. Learn to recognize the signs of teeth grinding and work with your dentist to get a mouthguard!
  • Our hope is eroded after checking in on a no-mask rally in Utah.
  • Andrew has signed up to be tracked… by Nevada’s contact tracing app.
  • While there may be strides in smarter mask development, AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trials have been halted for safety reasons.
  • Bob Woodward’s here to show us Trump knew how bad COVID-19 was all along, and he’s got the receipts too.
  • Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was mocked by FOX Sports’ Skip Bayless for coming forward about his mental health struggles. We speak about how toxic masculinity informs how we respond to athletes who are transparent about their mental health.
  • The Academy is rolling out new inclusion standards for films to meet in order to qualify for Oscar’s submission. We take a look and discuss whether these criteria are meaningful or just for show.
  • FMK(ancel) returns with a slight re-brand, and apparently everyone wants to do the dirty with Dr. Fauci.
  • This week’s recommendations are here to help you have a good time: Coca-Cola’s Aha Seltzers (Andrew), Pontoon brewing’s Tropical Cluster Slush Sooper Froot (Laura), ‘Six: The Musical’ (studio cast recording) (Pam), and Warlock –  Imperial Pumpkin Stout (Micah). 
  • This week’s show is sponsored by Stamps.com (https://www.stamps.com and enter promo code MILL for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale) and Rothy’s (https://www.rothys.com/mill for your new favorite flats). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • AMA Part 2!
  • What things do we justify spending too much money on?
  • What advice do we have for new homebuyers?
  • Which unsolved murder case would we most like to solve?
  • What life decisions have we surprised ourselves with?

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