Episode #5×34: Pay Parity, Vaping Dangers, Carbon Footprints

National Security Advisor John Bolton may be out of a job as of today, but #Millennial is still going strong!
  • We welcome BAE supporter, environmental engineer, and Texan Jonathan to the show to school us on the environment and Texas stereotypes.
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  • Warner Bros. learned an important lesson about tone-deafness when they offered Adele Lim (a Malaysian woman with nearly two decades of writing experience) hundreds of thousands less to pen the sequel to “Crazy Rich Asians 2” than her (white male) co-writer.
  • Andrew tries to get Laura to drop her #stonerlife habits after the US began encouraging people to give the vapes a rest amidst emerging evidence they may be contributing to lung disease. Laura points out that anyone who thinks there’s a health way to inhale drugs is an idiot.
  • Speaking of a different kind of health risk, head on over to https://www.projectwren.com to calculate your personal carbon footprint and learn about ways to reduce and offset your carbon output!
  • We learn about more risqué town names and an interesting bit of underreported history in this week’s Mailbag.
  • Our recommendations range from practical to entertainment this week: eBag “Professional Slim Laptop Bag” (Andrew), checking with your car insurance for courses you can take for additional discounts (Laura), The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Pam), and @garyjanetti on Instagram (Jonathan).
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And in this week’s episode of After Dark, available on Patreon:
  • Do you ever feel like Andrew is just too perfect? Well this week, we finally get to hear about one of his fuck-ups. Laura finds this particularly delicious.
  • We veer off course and turn this into a minisode of MuggleCast by talking Cursed Child, fake Potter news, and fandom culture surrounding criticism of the beloved series.

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