Episode #5×33: Song of the Summer, Apple Launching Tile Competitor, ‘Joker’ Gets Rave Reviews, Dragon Con Reactions

Bummed about the unofficial end of summer? #Millennial is here to mourn those dog days and welcome autumnal bliss.
  • What were the song and movie of the summer? (Please no one say Old Town Road.)
  • As the Southeastern U.S. braces for hurricane Dorian, please be safe and evacuate if necessary. Contrary to popular belief, thoughts and prayers don’t stand up to hurricane-force winds.
  • The Democratic field has been cut in half, but we’re still tired of watching 10 people on a stage trying to stand out from each other. Who are your fab five Dems?
  • It looks like Facebook may be trying to spare our mental health by removing like counts, and by that we mean looking for philanthropic excuses to make more money.
  • If you lose shit all the time like we do, the forthcoming Tile competitor from Apple may be for you. We cover the inanimate and living(?!) precious items we’d tile.
  • Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming “Joker” is getting rave reviews from the film festival crowd, so it seems like DC may finally be back on track.
  • Laura reviews her experience at Dragon Con over the holiday weekend and tries to convince Andrew and Pam to come with next year.
  • Google that Shit makes a triumphant return and we see just how candid we all are with everyone’s favorite search engine.
  • This week’s recommendations should surprise no one: Apple Card (Andrew), Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation (Laura), and the Great British Bake Off (Pam).
  • This week’s episode of #Millennial is sponsored by BioClarity (enter code MIL for 40% off a skincare routine and 15% off everything else) and FabFitFun (enter coupon code MILL for $10 off your first box – #Millennial is a #fabfitfunpartner!) Show your love of the show by supporting our sponsors.
And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to all Patrons:
  • What is the most embarrassing thought that occurs to us when we’re trying to fall asleep?
  • Disturbing declassified stories from history: what would have happened if the moon landing failed, governmental conspiracies to target American institutions, and CIA teams up with the makers of GI Joe to launch a propaganda campaign.
  • Andrew makes a bid for a disturbing piece of American foreign policy history on eBay.

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