Episode #4×46: Fake It Til You OmgWait

  • We’re back this week with guest Jared, who works for a probation and parole department. Will we get through the episode without bring thrown in the clink?
  • Jared schools us on the importance of criminal justice reform, as well as the other areas our justice system has room for improvement.
  • On the first day of Christmas Robert Mueller gave to me…
  • Now that we can’t watch porn at Starbucks anymore, what is the point of going there, even?
  • A Chinese scientist named He Jiankui has reported that he’s created the world’s first “designer babies,” or gene-edited babies. This development confirms that we are indeed living in a hellscape.
  • Devil’s Advocate finds the panel arguing in support of designer super hero babies.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter.com/Mill, Audible.com/Mill, and Homesick Candles (Enter code MILL for free shipping and 10% off any order over $60).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Payless fools a bunch of toolbag influencers into saying they’d spend hundreds on their $20 shoes.
  • We talk about how to side hustle and provide tips and tricks from our own experiences. We also poll Patrons to find out what they do on the side to make extra cash. Turns out most millennials have a side hustle, so who’re the lazy, entitled ones now, baby boomers?!
  • Pam brings it home with a mini Hype discussion about Disney pulling a Thanos on Netflix’s Marvel shows, Ariana Grande’s new music video, and the retirement of rapey Christmas songs.

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