Episode #4×47: Seasoned

  • We’re gearing up for the holidays! Andrew and Pat are baking cookies, Laura is nearly getting murdered by repairmen, and the deadline to sign up for healthcare is December 15th!
  • Listeners sound off: reactions to last week’s CRISPR discussion and a confessional about a sexless relationship.
  • Since Tumblr is removing porn, we can go ahead and say RIP. On a lighter note, our Associate Producer Choice has $10 Patrons sharing their favorite porn sources, so take notes!
  • “Keep your pic in your pants!” Cyber flashing is the hot new way to sexually harass unwitting iPhone users who don’t monitor their Airdrop settings.
  • Get ready to buy your Amtrak passes: the new Boeing 737 MAX has a YUGE problem that caused a Lion Air flight to crash off the coast of Indonesia. As if that weren’t bad enough, several major airlines have thousands of these planes on order.
  • Since we’re doomed to repeat our historic failures, China has begun interning hundreds of thousands of Muslims in concentration camps in the Xinjiang territory.
  • Surprise, Bitch! gets all pharmaceutical and shit.
  • Reminder: Next week’s episode will be our last of the year and will air LIVE over at patreon.com/millennial. If you’ve ever wanted to know what we look like, now is your chance.
  • This week’s show is sponsored by Policy Genius (https://www.policygenius.com/), Scentbird (Scentbird.com/MILL and use code MILL for 50% off your first month), and Rothy’s (https://rothys.com/ and enter code MILL for free shipping with no minimum purchase).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Holiday etiquette: who to bring, what to bring, and what not to talk about.
  • Holiday firsts! What do you do when you bring someone home for the first time? What are our first Christmas memories?
  • Andrew holds a holiday grudge and shares a touching Christmas story.

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