Episode #4×32: Uhhh

  • This week, listener Kelsey joins the show to give us public speaking advice (gulp)!
  • Pam is back from Vegas with an explanation of how she met a Backstreet Boy and why she bought $20 avocado toast and thus will be unable to retire.
  • How to embrace the nerves and anxiety surrounding public speaking? Remember that no one wants you to fail (unless your name begins with T and ends with rump).
  • Facebook is looking to solidify its presence as the internet’s cesspit by introducing an anonymous down-voting system. Uncle Eustace can now upvote his favorite bigoted rhetoric and face 0 social accountability for it!
  • Zillow says that millennials can’t afford homes because we’re attending too many destination weddings. Meanwhile, none of their value estimates are remotely accurate.
  • The election board of Randolph county, Georgia is planning to close 7 of its 9 polling places. Take two guesses which group of people this will disenfranchise.
  • The Confessional gets a little bi-curious, and Surprise, Bitch! isn’t much of a surprise this week.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Rothy’s (use code MILL to get free shipping), MeUndies (use code MILL to get 15% off and free shipping), and PolicyGenius!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • An additional bi-curious confessional!
  • How many, uh, verbal fillers did we use in episode 4×30?
  • It is now U.S. policy to support poachers: dozens of permits have been issued to GOP donors, allowing them to murder endangered species abroad and bring their “trophies” home for the mantle.

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