Episode #4×31: Podcast Married

  • One of our hosts spent $20 on avocado toast, so we fired her and warned that she’ll never be able to afford a home.
  • Marc sits in, promoting Andrew to ask a barrage of personal questions as one does.
  • Who’s getting guaranteed salaries, health insurance, bonuses for wins, and subscription payments? Gamers. The panel experiences a sudden desire for a career shift.
  • JFK nOT DeAd CIA tOOK DoWn JFK jr. So hilLarY COulD RuN fOR SEnaTe tOM HAnKS iS A PedoPhiLe tRUMP kNoWs ExaCtlY hOW tO Be prEsiDEnt wE ArE Q
  • Electric scooters are the latest craze in major cities and we all clearly fucked up by ditching our razors.
  • We’re asked via the confessional what we think happens after death and we (probably) disappoint the asker.
  • Surprise, Bitch! 5th time’s the charm.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • After last week’s complaining about fitness models on instagram, we can’t wait to talk about our mad gainz.
  • Listener feedback comes with a reaction to listener Kris’s transition to living in her card and a warning to steer clear of a certain credit bureau’s subscription program.

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