Episode #4×33: Pumpkin Spice Laura

  • It’s a full show this week: remembering John McCain, a victory in Georgia, and PSL is comin’ back baby!
  • Actress and creator Mariana Novak joins us to talk acting life, voiceover work, Jason Bateman, and being Russian and American in the current climate.
  • We always knew Paul Manafort would look great in orange…
  • …and that Michael Cohen would flip…
  • …and that the National Enquirer has a safe filled with dirt on Trump?!
  • Looking forward to November 6th, Lyft will be providing free and reduced fare rides to your polling place!
  • These damn teenagers are taking our jobs: the wild, wild west of Instagram influencers.
  • The latest mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL makes us take a look at some numbers by playing The Number.
  • Someone actually answers for Surprise Bitch! on the first call!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • WTF News makes its return, and shockingly, neither of the stories originated in Florida.
  • How does everyday tech use impact our friendships and relationships? Do any of us just need to put the damn phone down?
  • Video games as a bonding tool: the cheap way to spend time with bae without reproducing.

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