Episode #4×16: BFF or BBF?

  • Uncle Andrew lets us peek behind the curtain of MuggleCast headquarters.
  • Let’s play a LoveGame, a LoveGame: Laura battles to the death to retain her BFF status, and things get heated.
  • America’s Dad is going to prison and we try to figure out what makes this case different from the many others like it.
  • The first successful male genital transplant gives Andrew #hope.
  • This email will self-destruct in 10 minutes.
  • Surprise, bitch! welcomes our new favorite Canuk to the show, who graciously explains to us what it’s like to have a normal national leader.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • Devil’s Advocate: the genital transplant edition. A fitting first run for our new beloved co-host Pam.
  • From our Feed: a listener asks for advice, and we divulge.
  • Kellyanne Kanye blew up Twitter with his #MAGA nonsense. We play a game to see if we can tell the difference between his BS and Trump’s.

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