Episode #4×17: Smokey Eye

  • North and South Korea: are they or aren’t they?
  • Speaking of couples who deserve each other, T-Mobile and Sprint are creating one network to rule them all (with shitty reception).
  • Michelle Wolf was savage at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, and we. are. here. for. it.
  • Democrats, Republicans, and the media alike were butt hurt to have the first amendment take priority over their evening of self-aggrandizing and schmoozing.
  • Got an annoying friend who can’t shut up about their genealogy results? Take heart, they might be a serial killer!
  • Joy Reid, the very popular and very liberal MSNBC host has come under scrutiny for homophobic blog posts from a decade ago. Does someone deserve forgiveness for a homophobic past when they can’t own up to that past in the first place?
  • We wrap the show with a SPOILER RIDDEN review of Avengers: Infinity War. Turn the show off when we issue the spoiler warning unless you want the part where Tony Stark adopts Peter Parker and Rocket Raccoon ruined! (Oops!)

And on this week’s episode of After Dark (available to $2+ Patrons!):

  • WTF News returns. Would you post on social media to get out of a speeding ticket? Where does New York’s poop go? Better yet, can teddy bears be seen on x-rays?
  • Devil’s Advocate: Social media self-shaming to avoid traffic tickets.

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