Episode #4×15: Better Call Cohen

  • Is there even a 1% chance our boyfriends think we have a pee tape? Find out live, just like we do.
  • This message brought to you by grad school: fuckin everyone over, one podcast at a time.
  • We dig into an explosive news week with a discussion — and a game — surrounding the latest Trump/Cohen/Stormy drama. We even stuff our mouths with marbles.
  • A new device allows law enforcement to break into our phones and new credit card terms allow us to save some trees.
  • A listener seeks our sage life advice.
  • Time to get fit and be scared.

In this week’s After Dark:

  • What parts about being an adult weren’t we prepared for?
  • This gets real, fast, as we share genuine experiences and fears.
  • But also, [Seinfeld voice] what’s the deal with produce?! 

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