Episode #4×09: Ha Ha Ha

  • Matt’s memory lives on, and it’s up to you to decide how. RIP. Patron poll begins Friday at 2 PM ET and runs through Thursday, March 15!
  • BREAKING NEWS: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited the U.S. to speak about possible terms for “permanent denuclearization.” Wat.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: a new and troubling trend of governors refusing to hold special elections when they fear their party might be on the losing end. This is NOT what democracy looks like.
  • Alexa users are reporting that the AI will laugh creepily. On her own. Unprompted. HARD FUCKIN PASS.
  • “Family Foundations”: they love family so much, they want every child to start their own!
  • Surprise, bitch! confuses a listener at work, and Associate Producer’s Choice has us worrying about the Potter franchise.

And in After Dark, available to $2+ Patrons this week:

  • The truth is out there. So are our conspiracy theories.
  • A program to research aliens, and whether they’ve visited Earth, is a real thing.
  • We reveal our own extraterrestrial experiences.
  • Andrew calls for help.

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