Episode #4×10: Long Distance BFFs

  • RIP Andrew. The show assumes its final form as the girls take over.
  • We vouch for the wholesomeness of a long lost host.
  • “North Korea meeting? What North Korea meeting?” -The White House, probably.
  • Martin Shkreli, the asswipe who raised lifesaving medicine prices for sheer, obscene amounts of profit, is going to prison. Sad.
  • A bunch of SYCOPHANTS submitted listener questions and we assign each other dog breeds. #sophisticated

And in a special edition of After Dark:

  • OkStupid: The girls introduce you to their boyfriends, whom they both met online, explaining why they’re both so profoundly creepy.
  • Online dating as a man has its pros and cons. Mostly pros.
  • We get our geek on with some gaming talk.
  • Listeners seek relationship advice and we get real with them.

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