Episode #41: Vas Te Faire Encule, ISIS


To our French listeners and friends: we know you’ve heard so many condolences over the past week, so we hope ours don’t sound rote or insincere. We hope you believe us when we tell you that our hearts bleed for you. We were nauseated by the unconscionable attacks orchestrated by those psychofuck pigs. But if there’s one thing our shared history has taught us, it’s that France is built of stronger stuff than anything– anyone– that has ever attacked it. You were the United States’ first ally, before there even was a United States. We will always be yours. Vive la France.

In this week’s episode of #Millennial:

  • We take some time to deconstruct the heinous terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. The four of us were in constant communication while the tragedy unfolded, and we share our thoughts from that night and our hopes for the coming weeks.
  • Somewhat despicably, 28 United States governors (and counting) are now refusing to accept Syrian refugees within their states’ borders, citing the fact that one of the terrorists allegedly disguised himself as one. We’re all embarrassed. 
  • In an effort to lighten the mood for those who need it most, we move on with the rest of the show, disseminating some exciting and bizarre entertainment news.
  • Speaking of Katniss: someone give that girl a(n equal) paycheck. Jennifer Lawrence recently wrote about gender inequality in Hollywood, and while no one can relate to haggling over millions of dollars, most women can relate to her message.
  • YOU get a civil rights violation! SHE gets a civil rights violation! EVERY.ONE.GETS. A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION. Hidden from the Headlines reveals attorney-client privilege may be a thing of the past. 
  • Associate Producer’s Choice asks us about our gaming experiences: favorite consoles, favorite games, childhood nostalgia, and why Call of Duty is (sorry not sorry) overrated.

And in this installment of After Dark:

  • We wrap up our earlier conversation about Paris, addressing in particular the calls to support the victims of terrorism in Beirut as well. Fair point, but we have some conditions.
  • Nick asks us how we keep our faith in humanity through these crises. 
  • And finally, Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year? Emoji.  -_-

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