Episode #40: Hotline Bling


#Millennial turns 40 (weeks) in this mid-life crisis of an episode.

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  • The birds and the bees are important, and not just because they serve as convenient euphemisms for sex. They also pollinate our food, which is kind of, somewhat important. But the USDA is allegedly punishing their top scientist for publishing a report on how insecticides are killing them all off. 
  • Metrojet 9268 was a confirmed case of ISIS terrorism, and CNN is a confirmed case of journalistic failure. Their fear-mongering worked on at least one of us. 
  • SeaWorld announces a change to their usual Orca whale routine, but don’t worry, they aren’t changing the fact they’re assholes.
  • The U.S. comprises just 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners. But last week, the Justice Department released 6,000 of them in an effort to acknowledge that nonviolent drug offenders shouldn’t be locked away for life. 
  • Hear us all struggle to connect Justin Bieber to prison reform! It’s obvious, right? Bieber should be in prison? No Context comes back with a vengeance. 
  • What’s this? The Confessional is back too?! It’s been a while, but we bring back the segment to advise someone not to feel shame for what happened to them as a child.
  • Surprise, Bitch! lands us a really cool listener single-handedly battling Donald Trump in Idaho. We make her play No Context, and she nails it.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • We devote the whole installment to discussing various Associate Producer’s Choices– topics submitted by our $10 supporters. Thanks babes. Questions include:
  • What are our long-term plans for the show? (Spoiler: dating service.) 
  • What’s our take on the whole Starbucks cup controversy? 
  • What’s our favorite thing to complain about each holiday season? 

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