Episode #39: Chainsaws on a Plane


It’s an Andrew-less episode this week. Buckle up, this is gonna be a rough ride.

  • Our friend John Thrasher joins us – check out his podcast, Currently!
    Sorry Kappa Kappa Whatever – the UN has crazier parties than you.
  • Paul Ryan is the new House Speaker and already playing the “government shutdown” card.
  • China relaxes its 1 child policy, and can expect an increase in tandem bikes and gay nightclubs as a direct result.
  • Get your justice boners ready: Anonymous is about to unleash a premium octane shit storm on the KKK. Gonna be hard to get that stain outta those robes, fellas!
  • “The KKK deserves this” and “hacking isn’t okay” can both be ethically sound sentiments, so how do we walk the line between social justice and privacy?

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • A viral video of a school resource officer beating a teenage girl apparently isn’t evidence enough for some that we have a police brutality problem.
  • We also can’t stop talking about Paul Ryan. GTFO our show, Paul.
    Laura and Matt are subjected to a round of Devil’s Advocate in which we learn that property damage is to be expected from UN staff and the average Joe doesn’t really need privacy anyway.
  • Drunk or Kid features hair cutting, snot, marshmallows, and…. a strange liquid concoction.

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