Episode #38: The Cursed Bush

Welcome back, sycophants.

  • Episode 38 opens with a quick recap of the presidential election, wherein we bemoan the loss of both Joe Biden’s and (probably) Jeb Bush’s campaigns.
  • Murdering toddlers: not as clear-cut of an issue as you might think.
  • News kicks off with a warning for the small percentage of the population that eats meat.
  • Harry’s back! And not just Harry, but his son, Albus Severus Sirius James Carrot McNugget Toyota Steve Potter Jr. too!
  • Hidden from the Headlines reveals historians recently discovered the origins of the King James Bible, and with it, perhaps a bit of realism about how best to interpret the Word of God.
  • Surprise, BITCH! welcomes Paige and her deathly fear of sidewalks.
  • Halloween inspires us to take a look at the history of the holiday, and more importantly, our own creepy-scary stories.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • Andrew asks us what other babies we’d kill, because why not.
  • Our funniest Halloween stories reveal a lot about our childhoods and our friendships.
  • It gets weird.

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