Episode #42: Clean Air


It’s a holiday week here in the United States, so the hosts are thinking less about ISIS and more about FUN in the 42nd edition of #Millennial.

  • Congratulations to our raffle winners who’ve won a free month of Patreon for supporting us on iTunes!
  • With Thanksgiving on the horizon we share family dinner horror stories from our listeners. We pray none of you have similar experiences this Thanksgiving.
  • Black Friday is also upon us: Are any of us participating in the festivities?
  • A bit of entertainment news: HBO is messing with us concerning the Jon Snow debate, and Mockingjay, Part 2 opened at the box office to a series low.
  • Games games games! In “Who Said It?” Laura asks us to guess which legendary figureheads said weird-ass things.
  • We play another round of Host Confessionals, in which the four of us unveil new secrets from our past (or present). Note to self: Don’t give (spoiler) any dolls this Christmas.
  • In a new spin on Devil’s Advocate, we’re asked to explain why we’d want to bang someone as if we’re a Presidential candidate giving a campaign speech.
  • We address a few fun questions from our listeners, including one in which we figure out which Harry Potter character each of our hosts are most similar to.
  • Music Recommendations: Each of us gives you a great song to listen to while traveling for the holiday!

And this week on After Dark:

  • More fun! We turn the tables and make someone play the Devil’s Advocate game she created. What will she do when she’s asked to pick between Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
  • New game: Fill in the headlines. What word is missing from each of these recent stories?
  • Google that Shit returns. Clearly we don’t have babies.

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