Episode #3×47: The Good Things in 2017

  • Happy birthday to the heart and soul of this show, our dear Laura. Champion of the downtrodden. Warrior for the underrepresented. Purveyor of the sex.
  • We finally unwrap our Secret Santas and find out WTF is in Laura’s giant box.
  • Surprise, bitch! takes us to Utah where we creep on a listener who was just creepin’ on us.
  • Associate Producer’s Choice asks us to dive into the debate happening now over microtransactions in video games, and whether they constitute gambling.
  • We look back on 2017 with horror and a little bit of sap.
  • Watch video of the main show!
In this year’s final installment of After Dark:
  • SPOILER ALERT (no, seriously): Star Wars, The Last Jedi.
  • This film did one thing impressively well, then did all other things… not well.
  • How did we feel about the big reveals? Will they even stick?

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