Episode #3×46: The Last Gay Cake

  • The Force is strong with us as we get hyped THE FUCK UP for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • Surprise, bitch! takes us to Florida, where grandparents and presidential campaigns go to die.
  • Transgender military recruits are shown the respect they deserve by our judicial system.
  • YOU get a cake! YOUUU get a cake! YOU — maybe don’t.
  • Facebook Messenger for Kidz: For the bad parent in all of us.
  • WTF News makes a comeback with some unsavory developments out of Canada.
  • Listener Feedback validates Andrew’s nasty side.

And on this After Dark:

  • Fetishes 101, written and directed by Andrew NeedsHelpALot.
  • How women should embrace whatever sexuality they feel, and how the porn industry should embrace women.
  • A Confessional asks us to consider what we would do if our significant other wanted to buy a gun. And keep it in our house.

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