Episode #3×45: A Merry Mueller Christmas

  • We kick off with a graphic update on our Thanksgiving sex lives. #blessed 
  • Surprise again, bitch! welcomes back a sly motherfucker who somehow figured out how to con the system. 
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like a merry Mueller Christmas.
  • Royal wedding bells are a’ ringing, and this time, there’s interesting social ramifications.
  • SAT question 2017: Smallville is to ______, what Jonestown was to _______. 
  • Rutgers University tells everyone to grow a spine because confronting racist family members actually works to reduce racism. 
  • A game of Google that Shit has us wondering: how do you move a family in Skyrim?
  • Two titans of delivery meals battle it out in this rendition of Hello Fresh v. Freshly 
  • Tipping your delivery person: a necessity, and an evil.
  • We get personal about our food delivery habits, how new smartphone apps are helping or hindering those habits, and what services are worth the price tag.

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