Episode #3×44: Surprise

  • We’re back from break and recap our — Thank God — smooth Thanksgivings with the family. This discussion prompts some memories of our closeted pasts.
  • Dictionary.com reveals their Word of the Year, and it’s a word that isn’t in Trump’s vocabulary.
  • It looks like we’re about to lose Net Neutrality, and we can’t understate how bad this is for the future of the internet. Here’s some sample language that you can use when writing to the FCC via their website:
  • “I support the current Net Neutrality rules under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Net Neutrality is a core principal of the internet, which protects all of us by preventing ISPs from throttling service to benefit the highest bidder.”
  • There’s been a terrible attack in Egypt. Also terrible: The latest man accused of sexual misconduct towards women.
  • A couple of our top Patrons want help with their careers. Where do they go from here when their jobs suck?
  • In The Confessional, another listener comes out as a conservative! :O
  • This week, in After Dark: Thanksgiving is over, so it’s time to celebrate Christmas! Andrew forces Matt and Laura — two Grinches — to listen to all types of Christmas music, from new tunes to weird classics. We debate the merits of a few songs and also scoff at a new Frozen single. Merry Christmas! … From Andrew only.

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