Episode #3×43: Lord Of The Amazon

  • Australians show us how voting is done. Congrats to the LGBTQ community down under!
  • Literal. Fucking. Nazis. show up to protest in favor of a “white Europe” — 60,000 of them, to be exact, because fuck this whole year.
  • Want to stop your nudes from being posted online? Send ’em to Facebook, who will only post them to their cork board. 
  • “Obesity is about to hit you across the face.” Too late.
  • One Show to Rule Them All. One Show to Fuck Us. One Show to Bring Them All, and in Your RoKu, Depress Us.
  • We’re off next week, but a special mini-show will be posted to Patreon for our supporters!
  • How do you handle being horny over the holidays? Is it acceptable to have sex in your parents’ house? We discuss and play Devil’s Advocate.
  • Holiday Horror: Families. We relive our childhood traumas. 
  • What are we LEAST thankful for this year?

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