Episode #3×42: Benched

  • We say goodbye to Kevin Spacey as he says goodbye to his career.
  • The stomach-turning shooting in Texas has us grieving yet again. But we have reason to hope.
  • Popular conservative Twitter accounts, like @Jenna_Abrams, have been outed as #FAKE. They were found to be created by the Russian government — which isn’t, by the way, only targeting conservatives.
  • Papa John’s goes apeshit and Amazon apparently doesn’t consider the fact Americans have dogs???
  • Submarine-ing is a thing.
  • A brave listener writes in to warn us of Andrew’s treachery.

And in After Dark:

  • “It was enough to butter a bagel.” Andrew regales us with a thoroughly unsavory tale about his genitals.
  • Matt asks us a series of oddball questions that expose us for the idiots we are.
  • Stairs are a challenge.

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