Episode #3×41: Enlightful

  • Kevin Spacey fucks up bigly. (Since recording, HOC has now halted production)
  • November 1st: be there, or be stuck with whatever health coverage you currently have.
  • New voicemails prove that regret is a universal feeling.
  • News kicks off with #MuellerMonday and we. are. here for it.
  • Twitter and Facebook announce they’ll start labeling political advertisements to help users identify propaganda.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Nestle is IN YA NEIGHBORHOOD ONTARIO. GET ‘EM THE FUCK OUT.
  • The Confessional comes back with a bang. Heh heh.
  • Recommendations: Bigelow Apple Cider Tea and Until Dawn
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • Halloween Special: We share more of the scariest, weirdest shit that’s happened to us. One guess who’s got the most fucked up story.
  • The Confessional continues with three more crazy ass confessions.
  • Breakups = take your dick with you.

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