Episode #3×25: Covfefe Party

  • America is all “ain’t no party like a covfefe party cause the covfefe party don’t stop” or some shit like that.
  • The found footage nightmare of our favorite haunted house is coming soon to a Patreon near you.
  • Donald Trump Jr, the little engine that colluded: when life gives you Russians, rig an election.
  • Net Neutrality is in danger and why you should care. Tweet @AjitPaiFCC and let the FCC director know you want to stream that Japanese Bukake in HD without being throttled because Pornhub can pay for a faster connection.
  • A confessional by a millennial about millennials rankles some of the hosts.

And in this week’s episode of After Dark:

  • What to do about douchebag relatives? No really, tell us – we’re actually asking.
  • How relatives can put strain on your marriage, and some advice for remaining a unit in the face of familial fuckery.

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