Episode #3×24: Safe, Not Sexy

  • We’re live streaming the episode on Patreon! Throughout the episode our supporters chat with us.
  • The Supreme Court has partially lifted Trump’s ban. Sorry, Grandma. You ain’t allowed in ‘Merica.
  • The next iPhone will be getting rid of the fingerprint scanner. We wonder what this experience will be like for those of us with double or triple chins.
  • The rest of the show is all about the listeners! We do a Surprise Bitch call who’s being all Hollywood on us from Pittsburgh.
  • In AP Choice, our listeners ask about feeling confident in yourself and comedy specials.
  • Three confessionals focus on family, virginity, and blowjobs — three of God’s favorite things. That last one brings up a whole fight over condom BJs.
  • Voicemails request our Game of Thrones predictions and ask us to praise Canada in honor of their 150th anniversary.
  • In recommendations, Andrew says to go to the Museum while Laura says to leave State Farm.
  • This week in After Dark we talk about an e-mail from Luke who asks about compulsory voting. Why isn’t it a thing in America? Also, what the hell are sausage sizzles?

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