Episode #3×23: Daily Mix 1

  • Patrons are in for some sleepless nights next week. Brace yourselves for a ghost tour.
  • Voicemails makes a triumphant return with a hilarious drunk message for the hosts.
  • “3 kisses are demanded upon entry of the abode, whether morning or night, on pain of death.” Relationship contracts are a thing. What would be in ours?
  • “Transparency is that thing that happens when I pee, right? The burning sensation?” -President Trump, who refuses to broadcast any of his press briefings for the first time in (televised) presidential history 
  • Lose/lose: a new study found that pregnant women are judged in the workplace no matter what they do. Working women around the globe feign shock and surprise.
  • Hidden from the Headlines reveals Norway is one bad mothafucka.
  • 73% of Democrats would give up ________ to see Trump impeached tomorrow. Fill in the blank with us on The Number. 
  • A study reveals Google knows a fuck more about us than we’d even guessed – and Andrew gets real. 
  • Google That Shit tells us more about ourselves than others. 
  • Speaking of Andrew: life update! Find out which city he’ll be moving to in a few months and how best to stalk him.

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