Episode #3×22: Bobby Newport

  • Introducing: #Millennial voicemails. A way for you to harass us and an even better way for us to laugh at you. 
  • Patrons: Wanna call in (ideally when you’re drunk)? Here’s how!
  • Not in my house: liberals get a’ talkin’ to for some blatant, disturbing hypocrisy that’s run roughshod over the Otto Warmbier story. 
  • Justice is an elusive hero, and this week, we question whether it’s just that a girl who told her boyfriend to kill himself is found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. 
  • Gun Rights Matter, unless you’re black. We lament the tragic outcome in the Philandro Castile case. 
  • Amazon and Whole Foods, sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g. 
  • Patron’s Choice topics and a quick game of Who Said It? round out this mess of a show.
  • It’s the economy, stupid: but the economy is changing. For the first time ever, solar jobs outnumber coal jobs in Virginia.
  • Questions to Make You Fall in Love: Part III. The Dark and Dirty.
  • When did you last cry by yourself? What would you regret most if you suddenly died tomorrow?


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