Episode #3×26: United

  • ANDREW. MEETS. KYLE!!! And the crowd roars. (See photo below)
  • Ten years after the release of Deathly Hallows, Laura reflects on her life choice. Andrew airs those life choices for all to see on Patreon.
  • MySpace struggles with a serious security flaw that lets you log into someone’s profile with just their birthday and email address. In related news: the hosts learn MySpace still exists.
  • “If I’d known he wouldn’t be a willing pawn in my sham government, I wouldn’t have picked him!” said the President of the United States. ALMOST VERBATIM. LIKE REALLY.
  • Obamacare lives… for now. Don’t drop your guard. And don’t pretend you’re never gonna fly United again cause you fuckin will.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: our own imminent death.
  • Surprise, bitch! and AP Choice make comebacks, with a question about the Founding Fathers that was divinely inspired just for one of us.

This week’s After Dark is packed:

  • We parse the ramifications of John McCain’s cancer diagnosis and pray to all that is holy he’ll be all right.
  • Voicemails!!! Ya’ll need Jesus.
  • Devil’s Advocate takes a swing at Warren Buffett and the abhorrent practice of charitable giving. #BootstrapsNation

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