Episode #3×18: Slow News Week

  • What’s been going on this week, guys? Nothing? Yeah, same here.
  • Someone at the FBI leaks a memo former Director James Comey wrote wherein he describes Trump pressuring him to drop his investigation – meanwhile, President Fuhrer tells the Russians ALL KINDS OF CLASSIFIED SHIT
  • Oh and P.S. a special prosecutor has been appointed to take on the Russia-Trump investigation. No big.
  • Does anything else even matter? Yes, as it turns out, because no one can afford homes (or food) anymore. One journalist suggests Millennials cut back on the avocado toast. Mmmkay.
  • Hidden from the Headlines digs into some partisan shenanigans going on in North Carolina. 
  • Surprise, Bitch! gives us blue balls once again.
  • And, oh yeah, we did also talk about Harry Styles and baby gravy at the top. Yes, you read that right. 
In this week’s After Dark:
  • Why stop at avocado toast? Cut out ALL the fun things!
  • We delve into our own weird habits and guilty pleasures that are keeping us from being homeowners. Listeners chime in. 
  • A small nugget of economic theory is your prize for listening.

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