Episode #3×19: Growin’ Up

  • Happy birthday to our own Founding Father, Andrew Simsjefferson, without whom none of us would be here. (He is our literal dad.)
  • Getting an IUD is like entering the Gates of Hell and your doctor is Lucifer. 
  • We start news off on a serious note, as reports roll in of a terrorist attack in Manchester, UK. Why a concert venue? Why Ariana Grande?
  • Look at these young whippersnappers with their funny clothes and rock music! Hmph. 
  • The Russia investigation heats up and goes full fucking General Hospital on our asses with even more mounting drama. What’s the end game here?
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Actual News. New Justice Department policies and White House budget proposals may upend millions of lives, but few people are talking about it. 
  • Surprise, bitch! gets flirty. 
In this week’s After Dark:
  • The Spin Room: Matt and Andrew put on their best Sean Spicer suit and defend the president. 
  • Thank you for your question. 
  • Can an old tv show make new waves? With the country in chaos, television is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite escape.

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