Episode #3×17: Loyalty

  • Andrew, Laura, and Matt recap their recent adventures: Andy’s back on the east coast, Laura is about to own a home, and Matt’s saying bye to his parents. All of this is good news, it seems.
  • Andrew extends his in-person interactions with #Millennial listeners to a new level: Dating.
  • Frankly, there’s only one news story to discuss this week: Comey. We offer a quick recap of the week and what it means for the future.
  • Is it possible to dislike Comey AND dislike Trump’s decision? Yes, absolutely. Come on, crazy Republicans.
  • Family Feud: Trump Adjectives Edition.
  • The Number: What’s the age that 20 – 26 year olds think it’s lame to move in with your parents? Andrew shudders to read the answer.
  • In Surprise Bitch, Andrew and Laura apologize for ghosting one of our listeners.
  • Laura recommends El Techo in San Francisco’s Mission, if any of you want to eat in style.
  • In After Dark, we discuss recent cybersecurity flaws that’ve wrecked havoc across the globe. What can we do to keep ourselves secure? Or should we just throw our hands up and admit nothing can keep us safe?

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