Episode #3×09: Public Space


  • Rabbit rabbit ya’ll! Whatever the fuck that means.
  • Andrew reveals his deep jealousy of the girls’ friendship.
  • We welcome Ian and Zee to the show to discuss last episode’s Confessional from a self-described transphobic listener. They open up about their own experiences, common misconceptions, and how we can each help the trans community.
  • Check out Ian’s organization Gender Outfitters online and on Facebook.
  • Trump cripples the Clean Water Act, which the whole country relies on for clean drinking water, but ha ha it’s okay it’s not like we need that to live. #blessed
  • Do 1st amendment rights apply to robots? They should when they’re recording you. Amazon fights to keep Echo users’ personal privacy intact from law enforcement.
  • We’re off next week for Spring Break, but don’t worry, we’re sure nothing big will happen between now and then.
And in this week’s After Dark (Available to $2+ Patrons this week!):
  • Laura and Andrew discuss the not-State of the Union address. Shit. Is he learning how to sound presidential?
  • Healthcare was a prominent topic, as was this VOICE nonsense. We discuss both matters and praise low co-pays.

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