Episode #3×08: TS (No) A


  • To anal, or not to anal? What you’ve all been waiting for: the answers to what happened in Aruba. 
  • Columbia University accepts, then unaccepts, 277 applicants. In related news: 277 teenagers are spared the trauma of attending Columbia. 
  • Should food stamps be used to buy candy and soda? The State of Maine asks, #Millennial (kind of?) answers. 
  • #ItGetsBetter is more than just a catchy phrase: a new study finds that since gay marriage laws were passed, the teen suicide rate has dropped. 
  • Michigan State has 99 problems but a whiteboard ain’t one. 
  • Where were you when Sweden was attacked by its immigrant population? We can’t remember. Neither can Sweden. 
  • Listener feedback unravels a deep, serious confession from somebody admitting to being transphobic. We welcome the thoughts and experiences of any trans listeners who would like to respond on the next episode. 
  • How to Adult 101: Listeners have questions about commuting to work, buying homes, and getting married.
  • Our advice can be summed up as: don’t get married, have a funeral instead, coffins < solo cups, and fuck commutes longer than 10 minutes.

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