Episode #3×10: Fwd: Andrew Wants British Penis


#Millennial comes back from Spring Break with a bang. And a lot of embarrassment for Andrew.

  • Speaking of our star host: 80 years later, Andrew finally went to the dentist. What sordid diseases did they find?
  • Fwd: Andrew likes British penis – the title of an actual email, from an actual listener, who experienced a Close Encounter of the Andrew Kind on Tindr. 
  • Should he have said “hook up”?
  • Beauty and The Beast gets positive reviews, even from folks who didn’t care to see it. Will Belle finally address her Stockholm Syndrome?
  • A high school teenager in the Mid-West went viral last week after her school sent her home for exposing her shoulders. The girls get angry.
  • The Number reveals one of us spends too much money on Pokemon incubators.

And in this week’s Special, Forever-Long Edition of After Dark:


  • We make up for our Spring Break stint with a special appearance by Andrew’s little brother, Ryan, who reveals precisely how he found out Andrew was gay… years before he officially came out. 
  • Spoiler alert: video footage. #TheresAnAppForThat 
  • Okay guys. Let’s dive into TrumpCare. What does the GOP’s new healthcare bill actually do, and who would it most directly affect? 
  • A Confessional has us feeling all kinds of Dr. Phil-y as we dissect the complexities of friendship. Thankfully we can offer completely objective advice given we don’t have friends.

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