Episode #32: Testicle Basket


In this week’s episode of #Millennial:

  • What did we learn from our vegetarian challenge? Chicken is tasty. That’s what.
  • No, Laura, eggplant is not a substitute for all food.
  • California is implementing automatic voter registration, but our democratic process still leaves a lot to be desired.
  • PSA: local government does not have the right to implement dress codes. Least of all you, Alabama. We don’t want to wear your shitty confederate flag cut-offs.
  • #Millennial reports on student loans with a main discussion dissecting the country’s ballooning debt burden, how it got this way, and the dark, ruinous place it’s heading.
  • Hidden from the Headlines covers a new report from the United Nations detailing Israel’s plans to demolish thousands of Palestinian homes.
  • Thanks to the 4 million people who wrote in to tell us Kim Davis can’t be fired because she’s an elected official. We get it. We dropped the ball. We quit.
  • But first: a very special Surprise, Bitch! celebrating one of our host’s birthdays.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • 3 out of 4 #Millennial hosts give way too many shits about the new iPhone’s FuckTouch capabilities. 1 out of 4 retains some actual life perspective. We have fun with the conversation to give Android/etc fans something worth listening to.
  • A presidential election status update covers Hillary’s apology and the surprising realization that Rick Perry had been running for president. We hardly knew thee.

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