Episode #31: Eye of the Liar


#Millennial is back and changing the world.
  • We initiate our vegetarian challenge and learn a lot of troubling things about the meat industry in the process. Why, God?! I was so happy with my chicken nuggets.
  • Listener feedback addresses last week’s horrific rape case out of India and Laura’s well-established love for the Hispanic community. 
  • This week’s news kicks off with a really uplifting story of refugees and humanitarian crises. Just kidding– it’s super depressing. 
  • That said, you aren’t powerless: consider donating to the UN’s Refugee AgencyDoctors Without Borders or Rescue.OrgWe’ve checked– all of these organizations are currently on the ground helping the refugees and putting 88% or more of their donations toward actual relief.
  • A new HIV treatment is giving some people a little too much confidence.
  • Pro-Tip: If you want to be a celebrity, just be a bigoted government employee. The media and Mike Huckabee will do the rest.
  • Associate Producer’s Choice asks us what our favorite memories are from college, and shockingly, WE weren’t the weirdest people on campus.
  • Hidden from the Headlines explores two near-extinctions that aren’t being reported, but will dramatically impact our agricultural industry and access to affordable food. Not that food really matters or anything. It’s cool. Keep talking about Kim Davis.
  • Someone actually answers their phone for Surprise, Bitch! You people are real?!
And in this installment of After Dark:
  • TV show recommendations get steamy as Laura tells us about all the excessive sex going down in Narcos.
  • We play our new game “No Context,” wherein we each play a song and have to connect it to the week’s news stories.
  • We relive our worst job interview experiences, and it gets pretty cringe-worthy pretty fast.

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